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other insurance you have.

Only you can cancel

your coverage.

Rates won’t increase

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policy’s benefits.

Each year, millions of Americans are diagnosed with cancer

What are the chances that someone in your family will be one of them.

According to the American Cancer Society:

  • In the U.S., approximately 1-in-3 people will develop cancer in their lifetime.
  • Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in children 14 and younger.
  • Approximately 15.5 million Americans alive today have a history of cancer.
The good news: Thanks to early detection and advanced treatment, survival rates are increasing.

But treatments cost money.

And they may not be covered by your major medical policy.

The annual cost of cancer-related health care in the U.S. is roughly $80.2 billion.

Major medical insurance covers some of a cancer patient’s treatment costs, but not all.

And this amount doesn’t account for nonmedical costs, which could include:

  • Insurance shortfalls, such as deductibles, copayments and benefit limitations.
  • Special expenses like transportation, lodging and family care.
  • Loss of income when the patient is unable to work.
  • Living expenses, including mortgage or rent payments, car loans, utilities and groceries.

How would you pay for the out-of-pocket expenses of cancer?

  • Spend your life savings.
  • Sell off assets.
  • Purchase supplemental insurance.

Your cancer concerns don’t stop at the doctor’s door.

Neither should your insurance. Washington National offers a solution.